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Why choose us?

  • Highly competitive pricing
  • We have 4×4 vehicles
  • 19 years of service experience
  • Schedule non-stop, including on holidays
  • The transported vehicle is insured up to the destination

How can we help you?

  • Vehicles towing Sibiu – we arrive in maximum 45 minutes.
  • Platforms for Transport of vehicles up to 7.5 tones
  • Platforms for Transport of machinery up to 7.5 tones
  • Car rig
  • Pickup of vehicles and machinery with cranes

Quick and professional Intervention

Diagnosis on the spot and mechanical interventions for the following

Here is what you should know if you are involved in a traffic accident.

Step 1: If you have the bad luck of being involved in a traffic accident, make sure that there are no victims and that everybody is ok, without injuries!

Step 2: If you see that there are victims or injured persons, either trapped in the vehicles or cannot free themselves, please call immediately 112 to ask for help.

Step 3: In case there are no victims, there is no point in calling la 112 as the traffic police will not travel to the place of the accident.

Step 4: Take the cars on the right side of the road to unclog the traffic into the area. Do not forget to signalize the area with warning triangles.

Step 5 : Make sure that one of the cars involved into the accident had fuel leaks. If possible, disconnect the battery of the vehicle.

Step 6: After performing the steps above mentioned, settle together with the other driver, the guilty one for the production of the accident and fill in the amiable settlement form!

Step 7: If you do not agree upon the guilt for the accident, go together to the Road Police Section where the accident took place. Bot drivers must be present with the vehicles involved into the accident.

Step 8: If the vehicles can be moved and do not present damages to the steering, rolling, breaking systems, you may drive to the police station, still this is not indicated as following the collision here may be damages you do not observe and thus risking your life and the other participants to the traffic.

Step 9: The surest method of transport of the vehicle in case of damages is that of calling for a specialised Towing company in Sibiu. Our telephone numbers are 0722 761 008 and 0749 598 859. In the shortest time possible, a vehicle-platform will be present on site and transport your vehicle to the place indicated, in full safety.

Step 10: After settling the guilt in the occurrence of the accident, the damages driver must enter into the possession of the following documents:

– copy of the driving license
– identity card of the guilty one
– copy of RCA
– Registration booklet of the vehicle driven by the guilty driver
– copy of the proceedings and proof of entering into repair from the police (in case you went to the police)
– amiable settlement form completed in all spaces and signed by both drivers (in case you DID NOT GO to the police)

If you do not have these documents, you cannot repair your car!

After obtaining all documents mentioned above, the following step is to approve the damage with the insurer of the other party involved.

Look for the telephone number and call the call centre, you will be requested data concerning the date of occurrence of the accident, as well as the vehicles involved into the accident.

Following the approval of the damage you shall be scheduled for the statement of damages and you will meet the certified agents.

From the insurance company you shall receive a statement note based on which you may repair your car in one of the partner services.